Hey Newgrounds peeps! I was in another thing in Wille's Life again as Eddie, the bully. If you really really like dumb humor, then check out the new Willie's Life! DO IT, NERDS!!!!!!!

Yeah so Eddie has been wrestling through some insecurities. Lately he's been thinking that maybe he might not be as tough as he likes to see himself as. This new episode of Willie's Life explores that side of Eddie, the side that no one at school knows about.

Here's a link to the video and enjoy, everyone!



2015-07-11 13:22:52 by DragonSlayer1994

Hey NG community! I was just in an animated short by Austin Davis! It's called Willie's Life- I Like What I Like. Check it out OR ELSE!


I'm new and stuff

2015-06-19 13:45:09 by DragonSlayer1994

Hey people of NewGrounds. My name is DragonSlayer. I slay dragons and voice Eddie for Willie's Life. I'm pretty stoked to be apart of this swagalicious community.